NLnet Labs' mission is: NLnet Labs' mission is:
To provide globally recognized innovations and expertise for those technologies that turn a network of networks into an Open Internet for All.

The Internet is a global system with an impact on our society as profound as the impact of the printing press and the industrial revolution. Its success and societal relevance finds its root in a cultural and technological approach called Openness.

The foundation believes that the Openness of the network, as enabled by technology and policy, thrives human wellbeing and prosperity. By contributing technology in the form of Open Source Software and Open Standards, and with expertise we contribute to wellbeing and prosperity for all.

Guiding Principles for setting direction

The objectives of the NLnet Labs foundation are captured in its charter:
The foundation's object is to (further) develop and distribute on a non-profit basis Open Source Software (being software whose source code is freely available to third parties) and Open Standards (being standards developed based on a publicly accessible procedure and that may be used freely by all) for the Internet, and furthermore do all that is directly or indirectly connected thereto or conducive thereto, all this in the broadest sense

In addition to the chartered objectives, NLnet Labs takes into account the following guiding principles for setting direction (some of which are recognized from the mission statement):
  1. Technological focus on an Open Internet: we focus on those technologies that are needed to turn a collection of individual networks into one Internet. Those technologies are not directly targeted to the users of one network but enhance quality, security, scalability, openness, transparency and the trust in the Internet for all of its users.
  2. Applied research and development: we provide products, knowledge and results that need to be deployable or applicable on the Internet of today; the work takes place on the edge between academic research and industrial deployment.
  3. Global commons: the work we do is targeted towards public good. Not necessarily places where economic benefit can be gained by working on the technology.
  4. Long breath: some technologies will take years to catch on; we concentrate on those topics where persistence and zeal are needed.
  5. Open ended innovation: success does not need to be defined at the start of the project, there should be time and space for ideas to mature, hence projects may fail.
  6. Technology has societal impact: standardization and governance aspects are relevant for the successful impact.sense.foundationcharter:

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