[nsd-users] Logfile/verbosity and master/slave

Lew Payne lew.payne at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 07:37:02 CET 2008

Can someone tell me if nsd (3.2.0) supports logging the actual queries
it receives (regardless of the answer, such as NXDOMAIN)?

Yes, I realize that purists will tell me it slows down the DNS server,
but for a certain application, I need to know what IP address is
requesting what record lookup.  I have tried to increase the
"verbosity" but still don't get individual query information.  Does
anyone know if there's a patch available to do this already?  Perhaps
one that enables this feature at a certain verbosity level?

Another question - Is it possible to configure nsd such that it is
both a master and a slave for the same zones?  The idea behind this is
that I'd like to be able to update any of the nsd zonefiles residing
on any of the boxes, and have that update propagate to the others.
Yes, I realize I can do this (crudely and forcefully) with a cron job
that rsyncs and triggers a reload, but I was hoping there was a better
way that actually used NOTIFY or such.

Thanks in advance...  I'm converting from MaraDNS due to response
bugs, after 10 years of BIND.

Lew Payne

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