[nsd-users] Logfile/verbosity and master/slave

Adapa, Srinivasa Srinivasa.Adapa at neustar.biz
Mon Dec 15 17:54:35 CET 2008

My experience shows TCPdump analysis is useful at smaller scale, but it
takes significant amount of resources to compute/analyze large scale
deployments with high volume traffic. I wish NSD logs query syntax errors
provided you turn on the special log level.

I think most useful thing is traffic monitoring/analysis via NSD stats.
However, NSD  stats needs improvement and should match bind features at
minimum to be really practical. I am 100% sure that NSD doesn't log per zone
stats as bind does. Tests indicate the NSD stats has some flaws with zone
transfers in conjunction with status interval.


On 12/14/08 11:56 AM, "Arnt Gulbrandsen" <arnt at gulbrandsen.priv.no> wrote:

> Matthijs Mekking writes:
>> I am not to keen about putting this type of logging in-server and I
>> agree with Arnt and Wouter that you should tcpdump or something to
>> retrieve these queries.
> One thing you could usefully do is mangle the nsd source code to parse
> queries and basically do all the input stuff, but log any and all
> syntax errors and not process valid queries at all. It should NEVER
> send any replies or any other network output.
> The idea would be to have an nsd companion program which one can run on
> a monitor port, or feed input from a tcpdump file, to get quick and
> simple analysis of some kinds of problems.
> Arnt
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