DNSSEC Train the Trainer Workshop

On 16 and 17 February 2012 a two day Train-the-Trainer workshop was given for NGN.
On this occasion videos (in dutch) were shot that can be downloaded here:

DNS vulnerabilities    0:55:50    136 Mb
DNSSEC Theory deel 11:12:52327 Mb
DNSSEC Theory deel 20:57:47272 Mb
Troubleshooting0:07:0056 Mb
Practicalities deel 11:02:22898 Mb
Practicalities deel 20:37:12477 Mb
Practicalities deel 30:25:51432 Mb
Summary day 10:08:32177 Mb
DNSSEC Key Rollover1:10:571311 Mb
OpenDNSSEC0:46:18704 Mb
DNS in a Workflow0:42:08681 Mb
DNSSEC by Fred Rodenburg (SIDN)0:36:43456 Mb
Building the Amazon Instance0:27:23277 Mb

Videos are also available next to the slides on the workshop website: www.dns-school.org/Slides or on this youtube channel(in dutch).

The Amazon Machine Image used in the classroom is available as a Community AMI in the eu-west-1 region and has id: ami-2d8bb559.

Also, all material, including the website, the software, the slides and the movies are available through subversion from www.nlnetlabs.nl/svn/dnssec-training-www, but beware: The trunk is more that 11 Gigabytes big!

Wed Sep 25 2013

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