DNSSEC operational issues

This draft gives operational guidelines when using DNSSEC.

It is currently becoming an RFC.


This report contains the conclusions of the SECREG experiment which NLnet Labs together with SIDN has performed in 2003.

The report can be downloaded: here (pdf) or here (ps).

DNSSEC privacy statement for the NL zone

Read the (yet unofficial) statement here.

Historic material

DNSSEC resolver-application interface

This draft defines an interface between a secure aware resolver and an application.


This was an early draft to address operational key handling problem in DNSSEC. This has long since been solved by the introduction of the DS record. For you referencing pleasure: Sig@parent draft.


» Inleiding DNSSEC (dutch)
» DNSSEC/SECREG presentation for Centr
» DNSSEC/SECREG presentation at SIDN(Nov 2003)

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