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The NLnet Labs Name Server Daemon (NSD) is an authoritative RFC compliant DNS nameserver. It was first conceived to allow for more genetic diversity for DNS server implementations used by the root-server system and it has been developed for operations in environments where speed, reliability, stability, and security are of high importance. NSD is currently used on root servers such as k.root-servers.net and is also in use by several top-level domain registries.

NLnet Labs is committed to support NSD and its other software products on a best effort basis, free of charge. This form of community support is offered through a mailing lists and the ’bugzilla’ web interface. If for any reason NLnet Labs would stop community support of NSD such would be announced on our web pages at least two years in advance.

We recognize that in some corporate environments this commitment to community support is not sufficient and that support needs to be codified. We therefore offer paid support contracts that come in 3 varieties.

Support levels

  • Mercury Support
    • Prioritized handling of bug reports.
    • Initial e-mail response within 5 business days.
    • Early notification of security problems and notification of security critical patches.
  • Saturn Support
    • All of Mercury but higher priority in the bug queue
    • Initial e-mail response within 3 business days.
    • Up to 10 hours ’Labs Consultancy’
    • ’Tracked Feature Requests’
  • Jupiter Support
    • All of Saturn but highest priority in the bug queue
    • Initial e-mail response within 2 business days.
    • Up to 32 hours ’Labs Consultancy’

Labs Consultancy

’Labs Consultancy’ is on-line consultancy by one of our staff in the area of DNS architecture and open source implementation. This might include but is not limited to:

  • Review of customer scripts and code based on or related to NLnet Labs products.
  • Assistance with troubleshooting of configurations and installations.
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Performance tuning
  • Simulations in our lab

Tracked Feature Requests

The ’Tracked Feature Request’ option allows you to submit feature requests which will be tracked. You will be notified when your request is evaluated and, if it is to be implemented you will be provided feedback whenever the feature is available. Your feature request is not guaranteed to make it into code but we do provide motivated feedback on design decisions.

Support Prices

Prices of these support contracts are available upon request.

Support goes two ways. By acquiring one of the support contracts you also support NLnet Labs to continue to participate in the development of the Internet architecture. We do this through our participation in the (IETF) standards process and by developing and maintaining reference implementations of standards and tools to support operation and deployment of new and existing Internet technology.


Please contact NLnet Labs through (nsd-info@nlnetlabs) for more details.

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