Software Developer

We are looking for an enthusiastic software developer to join our team.

About Us

At NLnet Labs, we love an open Internet, open standards and open source software. We are a relaxed, diverse and friendly team consisting of twelve people, working from our offices at the Amsterdam Science Park.

We are a not-for-profit organisation working on making the Internet a better place through improved stability, privacy and security. That means we develop software, but also contribute to developing new Internet standards. In addition, we provide technical expertise to policy-making bodies, including regulators and governments so they have the understanding they need when making public policy decisions related to the Internet infrastructure.

We currently manage software projects in three major categories: DNS, routing and standards compliance. In the area of DNS, we provide the world’s fastest authoritative name server, and a recursive resolver that is used in the largest Content Delivery Networks but also on the smallest home routers. We also offer a complete DNSSEC signing solution. In the Internet routing area we are in the process of building a security solution to prevent BGP hijacking. Lastly, we build several frameworks and websites to test for compliance with modern Internet standards, such as

All of our projects are currently written in either C, Rust or Python.

About You

You are an enthusiastic software developer with an inquisitive nature, keen on understanding how the Internet works and you enjoy improving it at the core. You have a heart for open source software and working on something that is bigger than the organisation.

We would appreciate it if you have working experience with one of the programming languages we actively use, but a strong willingness to learn one or more of them is more important to us. You should be comfortable working on UNIX-like operating systems and have a general knowledge of networking.

Because we don’t like to micromanage, you have a sense of responsibility and are capable of showing initiative. In return you will get a working environment that is free of politics and bureaucracy, where you get to choose a working style that suits you best.

Among your responsibilities will be the design, development and maintenance of new and existing open source software. In addition, we regularly speak at industry events and participate in standards development. If this is something you enjoy, you can certainly develop in this area.


We can offer a competitive salary that is relative to your skill and experience, along with various secondary benefits. We would prefer you to work from our office in Amsterdam, though if you would like to work from home for a couple of days per week then we’re fine with that too. If you wish to work remotely full-time in the Netherlands or abroad, then we are willing to consider that depending on the circumstances.

Contacting us

If you are interested, please send us an email including a CV in English or Dutch to