Data Visualisation Designer/Front-End Developer

Description: Data Visualisation Designer, Front-End Developer
Hours: Full-time, part-time and freelance is all negotiable
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands or Remote

Are you a Data Visualisation Designer and Front-End Developer who wants to work on some of the most respected open source DNS and BGP routing software projects in the world? Are you self-organising and like working in a small, highly specialised team of developers and researchers? Join NLnet Labs and get an opportunity to do what you do best in a workplace without endless meetings and free of rigid processes.

NLnet Labs has a number of open source DNS and BGP routing software products and research projects that are used extensively by the Internet industry, ranging from home users to the largest tech companies in the world. The user interfaces are currently stand-alone Vue.js projects that talk to the back-end applications via an API.

This is not an entry level position, but we are open to a wide range of diverse candidates from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. If you doubt some of your qualifications, please get in touch with us and apply anyway.

What You Will Be Doing

As a Data Visualisation Designer and Front End Developer you will be working on software that literally helps to make the Internet work. You are primarily responsible for designing and maintaining the user interface of our DNS and BGP routing software and visualising the short and long-term research projects that NLnet Labs develops.

In addition to software design and development, there is opportunity for applied research with a perspective on operational insights and improvement of our software.

In this role you will:

  • Design and develop user interfaces for upcoming DNS and BGP software products,
  • Design data visualisations for our existing and upcoming research projects, which currently includes DNSThought and JDR,
  • Maintain the user interfaces for our RPKI software suite, which currently includes Krill and Routinator.

What Skills We Are Looking For

We're looking for someone who has extensive experience designing and building web applications, using up-to-date web-technology. Our front-end stack right now consists of mainly Vue, but the choice is up to you. We do not have any legacy front-end code.

It would be nice if you are interested in core Internet infrastructure technology, such as DNS and BGP routing standards. An affinity with open source software development is also appreciated, as well as experience with visualisation libraries such as D3, Vega, etc.

It would be really cool if you have experience with Web Assembly, automated testing and if there's a possibility to look at your portfolio.

What We Can Offer You

Compensation is competitive for the Internet Research & Development industry.

We want to build great, industry relevant software and have fun doing it. Our team members think the most important parts of our culture are:

  • Teams work together to determine the product roadmap and how to accomplish it,
  • A working environment that allows you to work in a way that suits you best,
  • A healthy work/life balance and flexible work hours,
  • Being part of a talented team that inspires each other in a friendly environment.

About NLnet Labs

Founded in 1999, the NLnet Labs Foundation has grown into an organisation that is respected for open source software projects that support the core of the Internet, award winning research and contributions to the development of open standards. We strive to remain a lightweight organisation, currently employing twelve developers, two researchers and two managers. We value openness, initiative and strive to allow everyone to genuinely influence the organisation. We currently maintain open source DNS software written in C, BGP software written in Rust, as well as several community and research projects.

NLnet Labs is located at the Amsterdam Science Park in the Netherlands. It has excellent reachability by public transport and has private parking available if you travel by car. If you would like to work remotely, this is possible as well.

How to Apply

Please contact us via