New website launch

Published: Wed 04 April 2018
Last updated: Mon 02 October 2023

We are proud to launch a brand new website for NLnet Labs, with a sleek new logo and fresh content.

Our new home offers a comprehensive overview of the projects we maintain, as well as the research, community and standards work we do. The previous website was getting a bit long in the tooth and hard to maintain. That's why we decided to redo everything from scratch and integrate separately maintained domains such as Our goal was to make our projects easy to find and our services easier to understand. We hope you like it.

Instead of using the m4 macro processor to build the site, we're now running it using the Pelican Static Site Generator, allowing us to compose pages in reStructuredText and maintain them using GitLab. In a few days we'll write a blog post on our adventures getting there and our experiences along the way.

If you miss something from the old website or you have suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or Twitter.

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