Krill available on the AWS Marketplace

Published: Mon 11 May 2020
Last updated: Mon 15 April 2024

We are excited to announce that Krill is available as a 1-Click App on the AWS Marketplace.

The Krill 1-Click App brings together all of the puzzle pieces needed to administer and run an RPKI Certificate Authority and publication server in the AWS cloud. It allows you to easily set up Delegated RPKI with one or more Regional or National Internet Registries and seamlessly manage ROAs for all address space as a single pool. You can choose to publish ROAs yourself using the included NGINX and rsync servers, or publish with a third party.

The Krill 1-Click App builds on Docker and Gluster to scale from one of the smallest virtual machines to a fleet of AWS EC2 instances behind an AWS Elastic Load Balancer, adding availability and capacity for both RRDP and rsync clients, or use Content Delivery Network edge caching of RRDP content.

You can also get insights by streaming metrics from the provided monitoring endpoints to Prometheus and by using Fluentd outputs to send logs to targets such as Amazon S3 or a log analysis provider of your choice. The included Krill Manager setup wizard gets you up and running quickly using an optional, automatically managed Let's Encrypt TLS certificate.

Watch the introduction video to the Krill 1-Click App on YouTube.

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