NSD 4.3.6 released

Published: Tue 06 April 2021
Last updated: Tue 04 June 2024

Today, we released version 4.3.6 of the authoritative DNS nameserver NSD.

This release contains a bug fix for a zone file parse failure for text records. The release also adds the feature to print a local address, if the address is configured, in dnstap logs. The interface for nsd-control can be specified with an interface name. The zone that was parse successfully can be printed with the nsd-checkzone -p option. Also added is support to emit DNS extended errors via the EDNS option from RFC8914. It is possible to stop queries for certain zones, depending on IP address and TSIG key, with the new allow-query option, for zones that do not need to be queried, like meta zones with configuration information.

You can get source packages of this version from the downloads page.

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