Routinator 0.12.2 ‘Brutti, sporchi e cattivi’ released

Published: Wed 13 September 2023
Last updated: Tue 04 June 2024

Today we have released version 0.12.2 of Routinator.

Routinator is an RPKI relying party software that collects and validates statements in the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) about allowed route origins and makes them available to the BGP workflow.

This release fixes two issues in Routinator that can be exploited remotely by rogue RPKI CAs and repositories. We therefore advise all users of Routinator to upgrade to this release at their earliest convenience.

The first issue, CVE-2022-39915, can lead to Routinator crashing when trying to decode certain illegal RPKI objects.

The second issue, CVE-2022-39916, only affects users that have the rrdp-keep-responses option enabled which allows storing all received RRDP responses on disk. Because the file name for these responses is derived from the URI and the path wasn’t checked properly, a RRDP URI could be constructed that results in the response stored outside the directory, possibly overwriting existing files.

We would like to thank Haya Shulman, Donika Mirdita and Niklas Vogel for discovering and reporting these issues.

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